National Classic Cabin

National Classic Cabins has been serving satisfied and valued customers for over 15 years with the highest quality cabins
available in the Park Model industry. We have served national campgrounds like KOA, and Yogi Bear, as well as the US
armed forces and many private individuals. Now we are ready to serve you.

Where Can I Place My National Classic Cabin?

Park Model RV’s are growing in popularity every single day. National Classic Cabins are no exception! Often times we are asked “Where Can I Place my cabin?”

The answer is very simple. You can place a cabin on private property, without any worries. The key to this question is to simply go down to your local building inspector’s office and ask about your specific piece of property. You need to be sure to explain that the “cabin” is a PARK MODEL RV, and not a mobile home or “trailer”. They need to know that it is built to the RPTIA ANSI-119.5 code as well. This is the best advice we can give anyone who wishes to locate a National Classic Cabin on a piece of private property.

The other, most popular choice for cabin owners is to place their cabin in a campground or resort. Above you will find a map of the United States. By clicking the map, you will find a listing, by state, of campgrounds and resorts that allow Park Model RV’s or Cabins. From there, simply contact them for additional information about a site for your National Classic Cabin. As always, if we can be of any assistance along the way, please call us at 800-989-8243.

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